Students conclude their summer experience believing that Northeast Ohio is a great place for young leaders to develop professional skills, become meaningfully involved in the community, and have an exciting, rewarding lifestyle.

“The single most important thing I gained from the experience was meeting so many people who are leaders in their different ways in the city, realizing that Cleveland is unique and unlike the major cities grads usually find attractive (New York, D.C., etc.) because it has cultural attractions and big city benefits while allowing individuals to truly make visible differences and shape the city’s growth and success.” – Atlanta, Georgia

“Cleveland was a fantastic place to be this summer. I had never been to the Midwest before, never mind lived so far away from my parents (I go to school about 10 minutes from home), so this was a big, somewhat scary adventure for me! But as soon as I got to Cleveland, I immediately felt welcomed. I got two job offers out of the summer, met amazing people, made some of my best friends, and had the experience of the lifetime. I can’t thank SOTC enough!” – Guilford, CT

“SOTC gave the city a Cleveland a new light for me. It gave me the ability to reengage with a city that I thought I knew a lot about before coming in, while also allowing me to make close friendships with people across the country that I would have never had the opportunity to meet before. I really think SOTC made summer 2017 one of the most formative summers of my life and I would definitely recommend the experience to anyone (especially those like myself who are from Cleveland).” – Solon, OH

“When I think of Summer on the Cuyahoga, the first thing that comes to mind is relationships. Starting off my summer, earlier than others, I was able to create a bond with my alumni host; her hospitality and many connections with influential people (like the Senator) within the community set the tone for the summer. I was lucky enough to have an amazing roommate who explored Cleveland with me. The programs showed the diversity of Cleveland’s culture from sports to music and hip new neighborhoods to the old ones. The program attempts to not glorify Cleveland by showing not only the good things going on, but also talking about the issues that need attention. As the summer progressed, I began to fall in love with Cleveland along with falling in love with Mitchell’s Ice Cream.” – Detroit, MI

“Being an international student at CWRU, the majority of my time in the U.S. has been spent in Cleveland. I honestly did not think there was anything that SOTC could show me about Cleveland that would blow my mind. I was wrong. Very wrong. What I had missed was the passion that Clevelanders had for their city. And nothing inspires me more than passion for something you love. Going to events around the city and hearing the founders and owners of Cleveland hot spots like Happy Dog and The Music Box speak about how and why they started was heartwarming and very commendable. Starting a business, you would think that all they had was money on their minds. But these guys wanted to bring something to their city. They wanted to bridge gaps between different neighborhoods, encourage local musicians, improve the Cleveland music scene, bring something that they knew their city deserved. That is what Summer on the Cuyahoga meant to me. It was the feeling of doing something that mattered, making connections that matters. It meant being a part of something bigger..” -Chennai, India

“My friends tried to give me really high expectations for the SOTC program. However, it was still hard to believe how great it was until I actually did it. I was really impressed by how easy it is to make change in NEO. It’s a place where you can make a lot of useful connections and where you have a lot of resources available to make positive change.” – Oakland, California

“Summer on the Cuyahoga really allowed me to experience life in Cleveland, exposing me to its best parts and giving me the opportunities to attend events that I may not have been able to if I were here on my own. One of the best parts of the program is that there were 78 other interns with whom I could share these experiences. There was never a dull moment. Not only did I learn a lot about Cleveland and NEO, but I also developed significantly personally. The professional events, my internship, and meeting people from such diverse backgrounds allowed me to understand the kind of lifestyle best suited to me in the future. That’s what an internship should be about–not only learning new skills, but also learning about oneself. One of the best summers I’ve ever had! I will definitely remember it forever.” – Selah, WA