Summer on the Cuyahoga is supported by alumni volunteers who are committed not only to helping our interns discover what makes Cleveland and Northeast Ohio (NEO) such a special community, but build networks and explore career professional opportunities here.  Please consider financial or volunteer support in the areas listed below!

Financial Support

SOTC generates funds from our partner schools and employers to cover some of its costs, but not all of them. Please consider making a gift to show your appreciation for our work and to sustain it so it can continue to be a resource for current undergraduates on your campuses. We are an Ohio nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation for which your contributions are tax-deductible. All financial contributions make a difference, though you may consider a specific gift:

  • $1,500 – Sponsorship of one student intern
  • $1,000 – Housing for an intern for the summer
  • $500 – Summer event expense for one intern
  • $250 – Sponsorship of a Career Exploration Event
  • $150 – Parking fee for one intern
  • $50 – Feeds an intern at special events for a week
  • $25 – Two-week RTA pass for an intern
  • Other – Unrestricted


Participation matters! SOTC is generously supported by a number of NEO’s family, community and corporate foundations, but support from our alumni donors is imperative to sustaining the program. Further, whether we receive a grant often depends on the size of our donor population, not just the total amount given. ANY AMOUNT MAKES A DIFFERENCE!


SOTC distinguishes itself from other internship programs because each of our interns has an alumni host. These hosts welcome the interns to Northeast Ohio and help them get settled, they attend SOTC and alumni club events with them, and they plan meet-ups throughout the summer. The hosts also help interns build networks and connect them to other alumni and/or professionals who work in the fields that interest the interns. The ultimate goal is for the hosts to make the interns feel welcome and learn why alumni of their schools have decided to pursue careers in NEO and make it their home. In return, alumni have an opportunity to stay connected to their Alma mater and its current undergraduate population. Email us if you’d like to volunteer as a host!


SOTC organizes more than 30 events to enhance our interns’ summer experience in NEO. Events include networking with civic leaders, community service opportunities, and social events with young professionals and alumni. Please email us if you would like to help coordinate an event.

SOTC LinkedIn Group

Throughout the summer, we’re showing our interns how powerful networking is. SOTC now has a LinkedIn group which includes all members of the SOTC community, including employers, presenters at our events, our partner school alumni and our SOTC alumni. Please join our LinkedIn group so you can continue to network and be a resource for our interns well beyond the 9-week summer program. We also encourage our SOTC alumni to join our LinkedIn group. By joining this group, you’ll be connected to SOTC employers, other former interns, and alumni of our partner schools who support our program because they want to be a resource for our interns well beyond their “summer of a lifetime.”

Employer Connections

SOTC believes it is critical that we expose our interns to the wide range of professional opportunities available in NEO. We are always looking to introduce the program to new employers. Please email us if you would like to become an employer or help identify and/or make introductions to employers that might be interested in partnering with SOTC.