More than 200 employers have partnered with the Summer on the Cuyahoga, and they represent the diversity of Northeast Ohio’s economy. Overwhelmingly, the employers have been impressed with the quality of the candidate pool, their experience with selected interns, and the program’s overall impact on interns and the Northeast Ohio community.

“A well-organized internship program that benefits employers and students alike!” -JumpStart

“Our SOTC intern was a major asset to us at DecisionDesk this summer–after a serious pivot this winter, we’ve had to majorly lean down budget and staff and did not have the resources to hire someone for my marketing team. Our intern arrived just in time and helped our team completely restructure our Salesforce database (not a neither fun nor easy task, but he caught on quickly!) while also providing advice and strategy for our nurture email marketing campaigns. As a small startup that is ramping up to scale, the ability to host such high-quality students improves our culture, productivity, and our bottom line.” -Decision Desk

“Our SOTC intern was instrumental in the public launch of DigitalC. He assisted in all aspects of the process including website meetings with our marketing agency, drafting newsletters, coordinating marketing collateral, and he singlehandedly led our social media strategy and execution. His greatest contribution was likely the enthusiasm and energy that he brought to our office.”– DigitalC

“I have been a member of the Cleveland entrepreneurial community since 2009 and have had the opportunity to interact with every organization that is meant to support, mentor or cultivate the next wave of leaders in Northeast Ohio. My experience with SOTC has been by far the most fruitful.  Its staff works tirelessly to bring the best and the brightest college students here each summer … SOTC creates real jobs, has a track record of bringing members of the cohort back to NEO for permanent employment, and even more, gives members of the program access to all of the cultural riches we share in the region.” – Phenom

“The two interns we hired through SOTC were a godsend. They gladly handled every task/project with enthusiasm and impactful results, and they managed a wide demographic group of people. We reveled in their stories of the myriad SOTC activities, and we were proud to hear how much they grew to love Cleveland. And our permanent staff had more energy and enthusiasm during the nine weeks they were here!” – Shoes and Clothes for Kids

“Our SOTC interns were very positive contributors to our development efforts at CardioInsight/Medtronic.  Because of their thirst for knowledge and experience, we were able to give both of them multiple projects and items to work on. I believe, after debriefing about their experiences, that they both had a very positive learning experience.  They were made integral parts of the organization and gained critical industry experience.  Both have expressed high interest in staying the Cleveland area, and coming back to us as a permanent employee upon graduation.” – Medtronic

“SOTC is a WIN-WIN situation for local employers and the city of Cleveland. It offers an in-depth and exciting opportunity for young talent to learn what Cleveland has to offer, while connecting them with the community, providing them hands-on experience and giving them a glimpse into future employment opportunities. We continue to have remarkable talent each summer that brings new energy to our bustling offices. I still talk to all of my past interns and many of them would consider bringing their talents to Cleveland if the opportunity arose after college graduation.” -Breakthrough Charter Schools

“We participate in SOTC because we get a larger pool of higher quality talent than we could attract on our own. Also, SOTC provides our interns a unique experience of the best of Northeast Ohio’s business community, civic culture and social fabric, which improves the likelihood that they’ll return to the region after graduation. After seven years of hosting SOTC interns, we have brand awareness on multiple highly selective college campuses, and our SOTC alumni are generous with their time to support our recruiting efforts on campus. That is priceless.” – enlight