Summer on the Cuyahoga strives to meet the needs of local employers by offering access to a prized talent pool and augmenting their interns’ experience with networking and community events in the evening and weekends. The process of posting an internships and reviewing applications is designed to be simple, time-saving and user-friendly for the employer.


When and how do I post an internship?

SOTC begins to accept internship postings in the fall and continues to accept them through early April. Simply visit the Employer login to register and complete the SOTC internship description form. We have found that using a standard form for all employers allows students to be more effective in their internship search. Employers can also post fill-time position – please refer to the final FAQ on the right-hand column.

Can I post a full-time position?

Yes! SOTC now has a Jobs Bank which SOTC alumni (more than 850 since 2003) can access. Once you click LOGIN, follow the prompts to post a full-time position.

If I post an internship, do I have to hire an intern?

No. Simply posting the internship allows you to receive applications from students who attend SOTC’s partner schools. If you do not find a student who meets the criteria you have set, you are under no obligation to hire one. In addition, we trust that you will not use our site to identify candidates and then hire them outside of SOTC.

Can I advertise this internship position elsewhere, or does it have to be exclusive to the SOTC program?
You may advertise the internship position through any and all sources available to you—it does not have to be unique for the SOTC program. SOTC is simply providing another mechanism for you to reach students at schools that you might not otherwise pursue. We request that if you fill your position from other sources, you remove the position from our website and alert the applicants that the position is filled.

When and how do students apply?
The website “opens” for student applications in November. Students go through their school-specific website to view the internships and apply. While they use our site for the application process, their application is emailed directly to the employer for evaluation. Again, it is the employer—not SOTC—who makes the hiring decision. When you log in to your password-protected account, you will be able to access your personal applicant database and view a summary of the applicants, review their applications online and update their status (i.e., In Review, Make Offer or Decline). When the student logs in to his or her password-protected account, he or she will also be able to see the status that you set.

How do I evaluate or interview the applicants?
You are encouraged to review applications as they are submitted rather than holding them all to the end of the application process. This way, applicants know you are interested in their candidacy and won’t pursue other opportunities.We also ask that you respond to all applicants, as any positive personal contact they have with an employer will contribute to their perception of NEO as a place of potential employment opportunities. As explained above, you may change the status of each student’s application by logging in to the SOTC website.

Once the employer identifies a group of students to be interviewed, the employer can proceed with phone interviews, Skype interviews or in-person interviews. Most employers prefer to conduct phone interviews when filling these internship positions.

How do I extend an offer to a student?
When you are ready to extend an offer to a student, you will log in to the SOTC website and issue an Commitment Letter for that student. When you submit the letter through the website, it will be emailed first to the SOTC Executive Director who will then forward it to the applicant. The student is expected to reply within a specified period of time, usually three business days, and their position in the SOTC program is not reserved until they complete and submit their portion of the Commitment Letter. We have learned that this is the most effective means of tracking employer offers, student acceptances and therefore positions in the SOTC program. Of course, you may verbally discuss the offer and/or send an internal offer letter, but you and the applicant must also complete SOTC’s letter.

Is there a cost to participate?
If you post a job description but DO NOT hire a student, there is no cost to you.

If, however, you hire a student, you will pay a stipend/salary directly to the student for the entire internship period. In addition, each employer pays an $1,100 employer fee, per student hired, which helps cover the cost of housing and events for the summer.

What is the students’ program and work schedule?
The official SOTC program runs 9 weeks: June 4th-August 3rd. However, if your internship is shorter than or longer than 9 weeks, SOTC will work with you to meet your needs.

The interns will be working regular work weeks (or whatever is stated in the job description) and will have an opportunity to participate in several SOTC activities each week. There will be a few instances when an intern may wish to attend an event that begins at 5:30pm or is held during the lunch hour. We instruct interns to discuss with their employers the possibility of leaving work a little early or taking an extended lunch if they wish to attend one of these events, though we defer to you on whether the intern may attend them.


Who are the sponsors of the Summer on the Cuyahoga (SOTC) program?
Summer on the Cuyahoga is a collaborative effort among local alumni of eight partner schools: Case Western Reserve, Colgate, Cornell, Denison, Ohio Wesleyan, Smith, University of Chicago and Yale. SOTC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit entity and is supported primarily by volunteer time and financial support from our alumni of our partner schools. Additional support comes from family, community and corporate foundations as well as participating schools and employers.

Who is eligible to participate in the SOTC program?
Undergraduate students of our partner schools in good standing who are rising junior or seniors or are graduating in the spring are eligible to participate.

Because this organization depends on the volunteer commitments of the participating local alumni groups, students of other undergraduate colleges or graduate schools are not eligible for this program, but they should visit or regarding employment opportunities.

What are the key 2018 program dates?

  • October 2017 through Spring 2018: Employers post job descriptions.
  • December 2017-March 2018 (or until positions are filled): Students apply for positions, employers review applications and arrange for phone interviews with students. Employers are encouraged to extend offers by March 31, 2018.
  • June 2nd: Students arrive. (U Chicago students arrive the weekend of June 9th)
  • Monday, June 4th-Friday, August 3rd: Students work and participate in the official program for 9 weeks.

Upon arrangements with the employer and approval of SOTC, students may extend their 9 week internship. During their extended time in Cleveland (either at the beginning or end of the official program) they will be invited to stay with local alumni.