Summer on the Cuyahoga connects talented students to paid internships in a variety of fields.





New internship opportunities will continue to be added to the website through mid-April, and students may apply to positions at any time. Given the popularity of the internships, students are encouraged to apply for positions as soon as they become available. Employers hire interns according to their schedules; they will review the applications as they are submitted, and interns can checks the status of their applications online. As positions are filled, they will be removed from viewing on the website. The application process will run until April or until all positions are filled.

Applications will be accepted from current sophomores, juniors and seniors. Current first year students are not eligible for positions offered through Summer on the Cuyahoga.

As you view the jobs, the categories should help you prioritize your search, but please remember that some employers’ job postings may cut across different functions. For example, one company may have multiple positions in a variety of areas, such as an HR Intern (Human Resources Category), Database Management Intern (Information Technology Category), and an Accounting Intern (Finance & Accounting Category).

You may apply to as many positions as you wish, but keep in mind that you are applying directly to the employer, not to the program. While you will be able to save your application information in the password-protected account that you create, you should tailor each application to what the employer requests.

To Apply For A Position

Students apply directly to employers through our site, and employers review your applications.

  • You must first “REGISTER FOR A NEW ACCOUNT” anytime AFTER 11/19/18 – even if you had an account last year or created one before 11/19.
  • Once you are logged-in, please complete the “MY PROFILE” by clicking “MY PROFILE” on the main menu.
  • Once your profile is completed, click on “INTERNSHIPS” on the main menu. Now you can browse through all available positions from SOTC employers. When you find one that interests you, click VIEW to learn more.
  • Please read the job description carefully. If you believe that you have the qualifications and wish to apply for the position, answer the question “WHY I AM INTERSTED IN THIS POSITION,” UPLOAD your resume, cover letter (if you are submitting one) and any other documents you wish to include.  Be sure your “MY PROFILE” is completed and contains current information. Then click “SUBMIT APPLICATION AND RESUME.” It’s that easy!
  • You may apply to multiple positions that interest you, and you can keep track of your applications and their status my clicking “DASHBOARD” or “MY APPLICATIONS.”
  • IF you accept an internship elsewhere or you are no longer interested in an internship for which you’ve applied, PLEASE “WITHDRAW” your application by clicking “WITHDRAW” next to it under “STATUS OF INTERNSHIPS FOR WHICH YOU’VE APPLIED.”

Employers are encouraged to follow up with applicants, but if you do not hear from them, you may wish to directly contact the person listed on the Job Description. Employers are encouraged to update your application status on the website. If an employer chooses to interview you, you will be contacted to arrange a time for an interview. If an employer chooses to offer you a position, they will do so via a Commitment Letter. You are expected to respond to the employer’s Commitment Letter within a specified period of time, usually three business days.