Summer on the Cuyahoga offers a flexible hiring schedule to meet the needs of our employers. We recommend that employers post internships by December 1st and confirm hiring decisions by March 31st. Employers are welcome to contact SOTC if a different schedule better fits their intern recruitment needs.


  • SOTC staff travels to campuses to promote the program.
  • October: Employers may begin posting job descriptions to the website.
  • First week of November: Website goes “live” on campuses and students can begin submitting applications.
  • Employers will receive applications via e-mail and are encouraged to contact students within 48 hours of receiving an application. Automated website features can be used to inform students of their status (“under review”, “offer extended” or “declined”).

January and February

  • Students continue to apply for positions, employers continue to interview students and may extend offers at any time. All offers should be submitted through the website on the Employer tab. Students are asked to respond to offers within 48 hours so that employers can proceed with the hiring process.


  • Employers are encouraged to conclude all interviews and extend employment offers. All of the schools will have spring breaks staggered throughout March so it may be difficult to reach students during these days. It is highly recommended that all offers be finalized by March 31st.


  • Welcome packets emailed to all confirmed student participants.
  • Students complete and return SOTC registration materials.


  • Employers send individuals who will be supervising the interns to an information session to finalize details for the summer.
  • Employers contact students to share information about travel to work, dress code, work hours, employment expectations, etc.


  • Students move into housing at Cleveland State University on Saturday, June 8th (U Chicago students arrive June 15th), and the first day of work will be Monday, June 10th. SOTC’s opening reception will be held during the second week of the program. Students may begin work prior to June 8th by arrangement with Summer on the Cuyahoga.


  • Students continue working while enjoying a wide variety of SOTC events.


  • The closing event for the summer will be held the last week of the program and the last day of work for many interns will be Friday, August 9th. Any exceptions to concluding work on this date must be approved by the Summer on the Cuyahoga program. Students who are completing 10-week internships will be invited to stay with local alumni for their additional time in Cleveland.