The SOTC Board of Directors is composed of alumnae/i from each participating school (school affiliation is noted after each name) and at-large board members representing the Cleveland and Northeast Ohio (NEO) community.

2017 Opening Reception
2017 Opening Reception

Organizational Leadership

Board officers include:

  • Janet Cho (University of Chicago), Board President
  • Amanda Holzhauer (Yale), Board Vice President
  • Greg River (University of Chicago), Board Treasurer
  • C. Paul Vogelsang (Colgate), Board Secretary

Board directors are:

  • Gina Beim (Case Western Reserve)
  • Ashley Solomon (Case Western Reserve)
  • Paul Cascio (Colgate)
  • James Chandler (Cornell)
  • John Rodriguez (Cornell)
  • Kathryn Kramer Gaydos (Denison)
  • Matthew Liebson (Denison)
  • Sarah Kieta (Ohio Wesleyan)
  • Brandi Weekley (Ohio Wesleyan)
  • Marjorie Roth (Smith)
  • Musette Vincent (Smith)
  • Sid Good (University of Chicago)
  • Laura Sangree (University of Chicago)
  • Vikki Anderson (Ex officio)
  • Tim Beach (Ex officio)
  • Lynn-Ann Gries (Ex officio)


Eric McGarvey is the Executive Director of Summer on the Cuyahoga.

Eric McGarvey, Executive Director

Eric McGarvey is an honors graduate of Western Carolina University with degrees in Business Administration/Law and Economics/Entrepreneurial Studies. Recently he completed a two-year graduate program at Case Western Reserve University earning a Masters of Nonprofit Organizations.

Eric has established experience in areas of corporate sales, marketing, operations, and project management. For the past ten years, he has worked in various roles with The Intergenerational Schools and Breakthrough Schools, a network of ten high quality community schools in Cleveland. Most recently he has served as Breakthrough’s Director of Student Enrollment and Outreach. He also has entrepreneurial experience through his work in leadership development training, large-scale conference support, and small to mid-size organization consulting.

Eric is a strong advocate for the nonprofit community and serves as the chairman of the board of directors for Cleveland’s Cosmic Bobbins Foundation. While he is a huge supporter of Cleveland, Eric also values the countless professional and social connections established through his involvement in state and national organizations. This includes Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda where he has been elected to multiple leadership roles and currently serves as the Professional Division National Secretary & Treasurer. In his free time, Eric enjoys traveling, participating in year-round volleyball leagues, and promoting lifelong learning and the city of Cleveland.

Eric can be reached at